Meet a character: Jojo

Jojo and her twin brother were raised in the desert-trading hub of Old Gola. Passed from one merchant to another, they scraped through their childhood, always just earning enough to survive another day. They looked after one another; they were a team that stood strong against the cruel life they had been dealt.

Jojo - Desert Walker

Although born within minutes of each other, Jojo was always the stronger of the two, both mentally and in talent. She excelled in a town where there was always something to be fixed and eventually found a suited role as a mechanic under a merchant called Plateco. She would fix travelling vehicles that passed in and out of the bustling trade hub and was even allowed to build her own sand skimmer from leftover parts.

Jojo’s love for the jet engine vehicle flourished. She would regularly strip her sand skimmer down to its core components, remove unnecessary weight and replace the weaker parts for newly found, more powerful ones. She was getting better at riding it too.

When Rafa, her twin brother, got himself into trouble with the local law, she had no choice but to strike a deal for his freedom. She took on the incredibly dangerous role of smuggle runner, her custom built sand skimmer and natural talent for riding the vehicle was all she had to evade capture. Her objective was to travel across the tectonic ridges that separated her world with the new and bring back what ever her owners had acquired.

Dillan pulled Jojo and her brother free from this life of insanity, he gave them an opportunity to change the harsh world that had treated them so unfairly. Jojo now fights for a cause she can believe in, one that may actually make a difference some day.

She is a Desert Walker, an assassin of the Scratch and she is going to put an end to this rhythm of greedom that the new world inflicts upon the old.

Fighting for the Falco Resistance

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