Introducing: The Kings of the New World

Set in a large world with multiple story lines that weave and intersect with each other. The Kings of the New World sets the scenes of a hard science fiction / epic fantasy journey called The Rhythms of Greedom.

Meet some of the characters from the first book at
Meet some of the characters from the first book at

In a world that once fell from mankind’s greed and constant struggle for power, corporations took charge and rebuilt societies in their own image. Three centuries later they have carved out their own lands and dubbed themselves kings, living in a new world of luxury and perfection. The people thrive on science, living in a manmade paradise and enhancing their bodies through augmentation.

The old world hasn’t gone away though and the kings of the new have no intention of welcoming them into their precious lands. They have become reliant on exploiting the old world’s people and resource, further pushing the poverty gap between them.

But their grip is slipping… have the kings become complacent in their luxurious and extended old lives? There are those who want to put an end to this rhythm of greedom. An estranged prince, a disobedient godfather and a children’s tale with an ordain power are amongst the few set out on their own paths to end this cycle.Book One: The Kings of the New World is due to be released in late Spring / Early Summer 2015.

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